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I had my manuscript produced this afternoon through Publishing.Al... while I worked my 9-5! The writing sample was on fire and I'm so excited to dive in and make it mine!! 😄


I published my Al generated 30K book [...] the Al tools are game changers


Just got my first Al manuscript created. Looks good! All 68000 words of it 😲🤯🤩


Did anyone else get hella emotional after reading the Al's first writing sample?? Like, "Yea! That's what I wanted to say!" Tears of joy over here Can't wait to review with my coach


My 1st 30k Publishing.Al assisted book went live this weekend... I'm already feeling like an International Best Seller!! [...] Can't believe it has reached to 4 countries already!!


The manuscript writer is phenomenal! What a true gift in this program!!


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What Makes Publishing.ai Different

Save Time

Go from blank page to published book in weeks— instead of months or years

Save Money

Publishing.ai is more affordable than your average ghostwriter

Get 5-Star Reviews

Write books so good that your readers want to promote it for you

Proprietary AI engine

Our cutting-edge tool helps you create premium quality, full length manuscripts using a blend of the latest A.I. models you won’t find anywhere else.

4/5 beta testers prefer our software over ghostwriters because of the superior writing quality (and no missed deadlines).

Propietary Engine

Your ideas, your voice

Turn your brilliant ideas into exceptionally-written books people love. Grow your audience, impact & reputation. Our Publishing Assistant helps make it a reality—it just needs you.


Empowering authors, not replacing them

Our AI is designed to augment human creativity, not replace it. We believe in the power of human imagination, with our role being to provide tools that assist, refine, and expand the horizons of what our students can create.


Protecting your intellectual property

Your ideas remain your own. Our A.I. operates on a foundation of respecting copyright and intellectual property rights, ensuring all generated content is unique and ownership remains firmly in the hands of our students.


Elevate Your Publishing Game Faster Than Ever Before

The Old Way

  • Spend hours manually searching potential book topics
  • Conduct extensive niche, audience & competitor research or pay experts to do it
  • Devote days to building a detailed book outline from your research
  • Find, interview & hire a ghostwriter (expect to pay $1K - $2K per manuscript)
  • Wait weeks to months for your 1st draft, then request revisions
  • Proofread, edit & personalize your manuscript to ensure quality
  • Painstakingly craft a word-perfect book description that hopefully stands out and drives sales

The Publishing.AI Way

  • Instantly uncover high-demand topic ideas from Amazon's best-seller categories
  • Generate one-click research reports incorporating customer reviews, preferences & buying motives
  • Watch the software instantly create a custom book outline from its research & your input
  • Use Publishing.ai to produce a full manuscript for as low as $332
  • Receive a sample in seconds, adjust the writing tone on-the-fly, and get a complete draft within a day
  • Proofread, edit & personalize - still 100% you, just like it should be!
  • Effortlessly generate unique, compelling book descriptions built specifically to maximize sales

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