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Create high-quality books faster and more cost-effectively than ever, with the world’s first AI designed exclusively for digital publishers.

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Grow your business, not your workload.

Publishing.AI is like having a team of virtual assistants that never take time off and never compromise on quality. Result? More time to put into growing your business, instead of working inside it.

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A method that works

All you need to create & market best-sellers in one dashboard.

Say goodbye to the dreaded spinning ball from 30+ open tabs. Now everything’s at your fingertips in one seamless dashboard.

Brainstorm, create, refine & explore new directions. Get inspired with industry-leading insights from our AI Academy, without skipping a beat.

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A method that works

The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re brand new to self-publishing or a pro with dozens of books, this app can turbocharge your business. And you don’t need to know a thing about A.I. to make it work for you.

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And we're just getting started...

Your Writing Co-pilot

We’re introducing a cutting-edge tool designed to assist you in self-publishing. Think of it as your trusted co-pilot for creating socially responsible and high-quality content, ensuring it aligns with ethical standards. Writing a complete manuscript is easier than ever before.

This breakthrough feature will be coming to in mid 2024.

Imagine this: You're standing on your apartment balcony, surrounded by a jungle of greenery. The scent of fresh basil and mint fills the air, and you reach out to pluck a ripe cherry tomato from a vine, its skin warm from the sun. You take a bite, and it's the sweetest, juiciest tomato you've ever tasted. This is the magic of urban gardening, and it's a magic that you can create.
Chapter 1: The Rise of the Urban Gardener
As I strolled through the bustling streets of New York City, I stumbled upon a hidden gem: a lush, green community garden, nestled between towering buildings. The sight of flowers in bloom, the sound of rustling leaves, and the fragrance of fresh herbs transported me to another world, a peaceful haven amidst the urban chaos. If you've ever experienced this, you know the magical allure of an urban garden.
Coming Soon

Unlock a brighter tomorrow with

Your own AI-powered publishing copilot.

Experience the power of custom AI to fast-track your publishing process, save time and money, and grow your business.

Publishing Copilot

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Stay up to date and be the first to join our waitlist when this tool becomes publically available

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